Kau cukup dewasa,
matang dan berakal.
memilih mana yang baik,
mana yg buruk,
mana yg benar,
mana yg ilusi.

Kau cukup mampu melihat masa depan,
mana yang ingin kau kejar,
mana yang perlu kau lepaskan.

di masa kini,
tak perlu kau bergantung pada perkara yang tidak pasti,
tak perlu kau berpegang pada janji yang rapuh,
dan tak perlu kau percaya pada ucapan yang sering berputar belit.

keluarlah dari kepompong kebergantungan.
kau cukup cantik dan kuat,
untuk terbang sendiri,
menongkah angin dan biaskan kecantikanmu.
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This morning, I was looking back into my-notebook-diary, and I found one entry  regarding a conversation with one stranger (the time I wrote that entry, but now not anymore). 

How beautiful this life is, when God send you a little angel to heal you. Thank you.

This would be that entry:

Its always nice when sometimes we can share our thought with strangers. Someone who will never judge you and the conversation continues with joy and excitement.

Without knowing, we are sharing the same perspective about life and I myself able to learn more. 

We shared about how fortunate are we about we having family, we still able to eat 3 times a day. Even though we often complain how big our problem are, how hard our life are and how stress our life are. More often, we stress about our work, our family, our expenses and our love life. Nevertheless, we should be thankful as we still have work while others are still jobless, we still have family while so many kids out there are orphan.

Able to approach this unfortunate people will actually cure the sore in our heart. Teach us to be more thankful and realize, in the other side of the world, they are struggling to survive, to live.

 What is our role in helping those people? just watch? just click donate money in your online banking? more worth it, if you are able to sit and share food, stories and grateful with these people. Take a chance and start giving.
Will write more soon,
Till then,
Take care.
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Cukup la sampai di sini kau menyakiti hati mu sendiri.
Menikam hati di tempat luka yang sama.

berhentilah berharap pada manusia.
Kerana pengharapan itu pastinya bakal mengecewakan.

Cukup lah melihat salahnya manusia,
kerana kau takkan berjumpa kesempurnaan dalam dirinya.
Cukuplah bertanya kenapa, mengapa dia bertindak begitu,
sebagaimana kau ingin hidup mu bebas tanpa persoalan mencengkam,
bebaskan lah manusia lain dengan hidupnya.
Biarkan mereka.

Hidup terlalu singkat untuk dibazirkan dengan perkara menyakitkan,
pandang depan, perjalanan mu yang tersisa itu,
carilah makna dalam setiap episod hidupmu.
Moga kau temukan ketenangan dan rasa syukur. 
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Honestly, I am curious, is there any of my silent reader will still look back into this blog and waiting for me to update or write something, after I deleted all my entries and keep silent for almost 2 years. I realize I do have silent readers (*Perasan mood), because previously there are some friends will ask me when I will post new entry and some of them will just come to me and comment on my story. Hahahaha. I am flattered. Thank you for reading my ramblings.

For those who still follow my blog or reading this. Thank you. I will try to actively updating my blog. (Mungkinkah harapan palsu? Hahahaha)

Till then,

As long as you are alive, you will have problems. Lets face them head on and tr our best to solve it.
Running away from problems will not bring any better. For those who are struggling, you and I are in the same shoes.
Be strong and believe, Allah put us in this situation, surely He will guide us to a better situation. Be humble and pray for his guidance and love. 

Will write more soon. InsyaAllah.


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Today is 23th on November 2015, and randomly looked back into this blog.
The template is still there, yet there is no post.
I start smiling and I think I should start blogging again. *Wink

I have done some writing this year, just to improve my writing skills as I am currently doing my master. I have to write a scientific paper and most of the time I have writer's block! It is depression since my SV love to put a dateline for every work she gave. I start writing diary, I write about what happen in my day, and I found this method help to diminish the writer's block situation.

At some point writing do act as a therapy. You should try! Well, for me its work. I don't know about others, but it is worth trying.

Till then, take care.

Will write more soon. InsyaAllah

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